Established in 1995,A self branded Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) specializing in the production of metal motorcycle gear parts.
Adopting the use of computer numeric Control (CNC) technology since the early years of the company, Accel is renown for the quality and design of their gear product.
The company began as a small but effect operation, operating as a humble factory. As a result of the quality set by the company, Accel first tried its hands in designing in 2005. Currently, the design and quality has allowed the company to manufacturer products from metal rollerblade guards to motorcycle parts.
The company’s latest product is the aluminum reinforced brake cylinder cooler. Not only does aluminum allow Accel’s designs to be featured in different colors, the nature of the alloy helps to quicken the cooling of the friction created during motorcycle braking,thus,quickening the brake time and extends the durability of brakes. 

Where is ACCEL?